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    Elemental have just released their Winter Newsletter. It seems that, despite the doubts of some, they are really on the road to production and customer sales. Coupled with the information under Blog on their website – to be enhanced in Jan they say – it seems to be a very serious car, notably regarding the aerodynamics.

    At £92K it’s not to be compared with even the E10 R of course. A substantial discount for those prepared to take the first few cars, but still in a different league. The direct competitor is probably the Lotus 311, not yet in production either. Given it’s unique characteristic the BAC Mono is not actually a competitor for me, although who knows in performance terms.

    A joint test session by EVO, or whoever can bring them together, should make interesting reading. Given the aero aspect, straight line figures will likely not be the whole story. Wish I could take more than an academic interest!



    Aero is a double edged sword though.

    On the one side you end up with a much faster track car that feels amazing at high speed.

    The flip side is that most people are not used to driving heavily aero based cars and they can be very sensitive. We’ve all heard f1 commentators say ‘the wind has changed from qualifying’ and it can make a difference if you are driving such that the aero is making itself known.



    Looks like they’re aiming to have the Elemental ready for Goodwood FoS. Are we going to pitch up with an E10R?



    According to the current issue of AUTOCAR, the pre-production model for Goodwood has gone through some extensive revision and development after the proto model. Including to the aero and the cooling. Still only the 2 litre engine.



    From the latest Zenos Newsletter:

    Goodwood, here we come!

    We’re delighted to announce that the Zenos E10 R will be tackling the hill at the forthcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed!

    One of the world’s most popular motoring events, the Festival runs from 23 to 26 June. As part of the ‘Race Cars for the Road’ feature, the 500 bhp/tonne Zenos E10 R will run up the hill a number of times, with the last run officially timed.

    More information on the Festival of Speed, including ticket availability, is available here

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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